Smart Investments: Should You Invest In Video Games?

Smart Investments Should You Invest In Video Games

It’s no surprise to anybody who knows anything about business that the face of the economy has changed a lot over the past decade. Many industries that people underestimated have become massive powerhouses which means that those who had the vision to see their potential growth have made a lot of money from it. One of the best examples of this is the video game industry which was once the feeling industry during the 1990s crash and is now one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world rivaling the likes of Hollywood. So when we talk about things like smart investments is the video game industry currently a safe bet? Let’s take a look at the current state of the industry and see if putting your money behind that horse is a good idea.

One of the most important things to understand about the video game industry is that while many people don’t necessarily regard video games with a lot of respect it is still considered a massive industry and is cheap at the level at which we can consider video games art in the same way that we consider movies. With this in mind, you can then understand why it has become a billion-dollar industry spread all across the world with massive centers in America and China. While the video games we are the most about our PC games or console games the reality is that a lot of the money movement is happening in the mobile game industry so if you put some money down in a company it’s important to look at these types of assets beforehand.

While most gamers are concerned about patch data mine or which Fortnite hacks are easy to install it’s important to understand that most of the industry is headed by business-minded and money-focused people. This is why for example investing in smaller companies can always reach you with a lot of money because recently we’ve seen that a lot of massive companies are trying to create massive conglomerates like Microsoft and PlayStation. The recent acquisitions that Microsoft has made are some of the biggest ones we’ve ever seen in this industry, purchasing companies like Bethesda and Activision Blizzard King. See these companies were great investments because they had a very very portfolio which means that they had massive AAA titles that were released on main consoles as well as mobile titles that were very big in China which means that even though they weren’t popular in the West world they still made an amount of money that was so impressive it would render the cost null when it comes to development.

You have to understand that one of the great reasons why you should invest in video games is that currently, the video game industry is going through some sort of renaissance. For many years a lot of gamers seemed to be very disillusioned with the state of the industry especially as it seemed like developers and not care for their customer base. Thanks to the massive releases in 2023 and those that have started to be released in 2024 already you can say that the industry has bounced back in a major way. When you see our massive releases of games like Baldur’s Gate 3 or Dragons Dogma 2, it is a pretty good reassurance that there is still a lot of enthusiasm and passion in the customer base of the video game industry. After all this passion this enthusiasm and the loyalty of those customers is why the video game industry is so special.

While the cultural bounceback of the industry is very positive it has a massive impact on the economy side of things propping up not only sale numbers but also hours played. This is especially important when a lot of the games that are being released have a live service design which means that as gamers spend more time in these video games they are not necessarily incentivized but they are more likely to spend money on these games as they feel like spending time on a game justifies spending money on it. This means that on an initial release, you might be able to make a lot of money while injecting just enough money to keep it alive and running. As you can imagine there are limitless opportunities when it comes to monetizing and returns on interest in the video game industry at large. So in closing if you’re wondering still if you should invest in the video game industry you need to realize that it is a smart investment as it is only projected to grow in the future years.

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