Are Smart Toilets The Next Big Thing?

Are Smart Toilets The Next Big Thing?

Technology’s continuous evolution has led to many positive changes in our homes. Different smart home technologies have emerged, including smart kitchen appliances, smart security systems, smart home monitors, smart lighting systems, etc. The most amazing smart home technology is the smart toilet. Smart toilets come with so many wonderful features designed to bring comfort to the users.

What are Smart Toilets About?

One can barely hear about smart toilets without wondering what they are about. Some smart toilets have automatic lid opening features, automatic flushing, disease scans, etc. This technology is simply amazing. Read on to learn about some of the advantages of smart toilets to have a clearer view of what they are about.

Advantages of Smart Toilets

Automatic flushing

The regular way of flushing the toilet may be easy, but it comes with some major disadvantages. You can easily forget to flush after use or, worse, catch bacteria from touching the flushing button. With the automatic flushing feature in smart toilets, you do not have to touch the toilet to flush. You can set it to flush once you stand up to eliminate the issue of forgetting to flush the toilet after use.


The toilet is one of the fattest places to get an infection. The best way to avoid such a situation is to clean your toilet thoroughly as often as possible. A smart toilet is so efficient in ensuring the cleanliness of the toilet. It has a self-sanitizing feature that prevents the growth of bacteria and maintains a sanitary bathroom environment. This feature doesn’t just help to maintain good hygiene. It also helps to save time. Cleaning the toilet often takes time, especially when a thorough wash is needed.

Smart control

You know how your smart home system can be controlled and monitored using your mobile device or computer. Well, you can also do the same with your smart toilet. Some smart toilets have features that allow you to control the temperature of the toilet seat and the water, flush the toilet remotely, and access many other features. One advantage of the smart control feature is that you do not need to touch the toilet directly. This can help increase the durability and maintenance of the toilet system. The less you touch the system, the less likely you are to cause any damage to it. However, like the regular toilet, you can experience plumbing issues with your smart toilet. Getting good plumbing services for smart toilets is not an easy task, especially since not all plumbing companies know how to work on smart toilets. if you reside in Orange County and you are wondering if they offer plumbing services in Huntington Beach for smart toilets, the answer is ‘’Yes.’’ Just ensure that you go for a trusted plumbing services provider.

Disease scans

This is the most remarkable feature of a smart toilet. Some smart toilets offer early detection of infections and other health issues by analyzing urine and stool samples. Amazing, right? Staying healthy is a priority for humans, but sometimes, we fail to do the required regular checkups to ensure that we are okay. With a smart toilet, you can at least keep track of some of your health statuses and take the required treatments on time due to early detection.


Smart toilets use less water than regular ones. This can help reduce your environmental impact and also help you save money. If you are wondering how using a smart toilet will help you save money, here is what you need to know. The less water you consume, the less utility bill you pay. Some smart toilets use pressure-assisted flushing. With this feature, you do not need so much water to flush out waste. Another feature is the dual system. With this, you can choose between a full or a reduced flush, depending on if it is a solid or liquid waste.

Automatic toilet tank cleaner and deodorizer

The toilet tank is often neglected during the toilet cleaning process. Most people are guilty of cleaning every other part of the toilet and leaving the toilet tank. Cleaning your toilet and flushing it with water from a dirty tank is pointless. A dirty toilet tank can generate bad smells and germs, making your toilet unhygienic no matter how often you clean it. This is not the case with smart toilets. An automatic toilet tank cleaning and deodorizing feature ensures your smart toilet is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


There are different types of smart toilets, and their prices are based on their features, but they are all very efficient. ‘’Are smart toilets the next big thing?’’ Yes, they are. The many advantages of having a smart toilet, especially the disease scan feature, place this technology on the list of must-have smart home systems.

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