Our mission is to drive a critical change in the UK’s energy mix by developing infrastructure to harness natural power from the rise and fall of the tides.

Mark Shorrock, CEO


The return of British sea power

Twice a day, every day, the Atlantic Ocean surges up on to the UK’s Continental Shelf and around our coastline. This creates one of the highest tidal ranges in the world, an untapped energy source with huge potential.

In 2011, we set out to solve a century-old puzzle: how to harness natural power from the rise and fall of the tides, sustainably and at scale.

Tidal Lagoon Power was formed to develop, construct and operate tidal lagoon power plant in the UK and internationally.  To date, the number of potential gigawatt-scale UK tidal lagoon locations identified from an engineering, power generation and commercial viability perspective stands in double figures and could equate to over 25GW of installed capacity.

We are currently developing a national fleet of six tidal lagoons to meet up to 8% of UK electricity demand, or power for around 30% of UK homes, as well as progressing a number of potential projects overseas.

Having secured permission to build the world’s first tidal lagoon power plant in Swansea Bay, Wales – an iconic pathfinder project that provides a scalable blueprint for a new, global, low carbon power industry – our work was the subject of an independent review of tidal lagoons, commissioned by the UK Government.  The Hendry Review reported to Government in December 2016 and can fire the starting pistol for the delivery of tidal lagoon infrastructure in the UK and worldwide.

Together with a world-class consortia of delivery partners, we will be ready.


The case for tidal lagoon infrastructure

Tidal lagoons will secure for generations among the cheapest electricity of all new power stations.  Power output is zero carbon, year round and entirely predictable, while flexible operation will help modernise the national electricity grid.

Near-baseload, 24 hour power generation can be achieved across a fleet of geographically dispersed projects.

Built to last for 120 years, double the lifespan of any other new power station, tidal lagoons offer power that you can rely on for the rest of your life.  Projects employ proven technology and their construction is both short and certain.

In addition, each project presents a unique set of opportunities to catalyse social, economic and environmental transformation.

Tidal lagoons are multi-billion pound, multi-functional infrastructure assets, capable of regenerating an entire region.

Our projects will be built from a majority of UK content.  British-made turbine technology and engineering expertise will be at the heart of a new global industry, creating and sustaining thousands of skilled jobs in the UK steel and manufacturing supply chain. ‘Ours to Own’, a report on the scale of the British industrial opportunity as presented by tidal lagoons, is available here.

Sitting at the heart of the community, tidal lagoons can host a variety of leisure, tourism, cultural and marine aquaculture ventures.  Our projects will also promote biodiversity, conservation initiatives and protect against coastal erosion, flooding and sea level rises.

We will encourage local investment and ownership, allowing UK institutions and the general public to take long-term ownership of our nation’s indigenous natural power assets.


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