Tidal lagoons represent affordable and sustainable infrastructure that can:

  • generate indigenous, low carbon electricity at scale;
  • create long term UK employment;
  • catalyse a long term UK hydroelectricity manufacturing and engineering industry;
  • promote biodiversity;
  • promote local community resilience and pride; and
  • allow UK institutions and the general public to invest in and take long-term ownership of our natural power assets

Our first project, Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay, establishes a scalable blueprint for our programme. Beyond this, we aim to develop, construct and operate a fleet of tidal lagoons to meet up to 8% of UK electricity demand. This fleet will exploit the opportunities that tidal lagoons offer for social, economic and environmental transformation and we will progress projects that contribute positively in each area.

Please click on the 'projects' map for information about each of our proposed lagoon sites.


Swansea Bay Swansea Bay Cardiff Newport West Cumbria Colwyn Bay Bridgwater Bay