The potential opportunities and benefits this project could bring to the region are central to our work in the Severn Estuary.

We seek to build on the region’s rich cultural history and heritage, responding to place to enhance and create new opportunities for economic, environmental and social development. Lagoon developments will connect coastal communities to the power of the Estuary, create new habitats and new development opportunities.

Our early works shows there is a clear strategic fit for tidal lagoons within the Cardiff Capital Region with the potential to enable a long-term legacy and benefit for future generations providing:

  • Sustainable clean energy generation using natural processes – clean, renewable, reliable and predictable power for over 1.4 million Welsh homes for 120 years, enhancing energy security and allowing important carbon reductions.
  • A new world class industry with a Welsh supply chain at its core, enabling the region to capitalise on the global export potential and support highly skilled jobs and sustainable economic development.
  • Long-term urban renewal potential – enabling infrastructure to act as a catalyst for regeneration, from Cardiff Bay and port enhancements, to enhanced flood protection and land creation opportunities, with the potential to reconnect people with the river and landscape.
  • National infrastructure made local – nationally-scaled infrastructure that has locally-scaled benefits including potential for opportunities such as a new visitor centre, new habitats and improved connectivity.
  • Opportunities for sports, nature conservation and cultural initiatives.

Over the years ahead, we will be working with the local community and all interested parties to shape a truly transformational project to meet the needs of the region.


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