Lagoon projects have the potential to have impacts on both terrestrial and marine assets through direct loss under the footprint (e.g. construction of the lagoon walls or turbine houses) or as a result of changes caused by the construction or operation of the lagoon (e.g. if tidal current speeds increase as a result of a lagoon this may lead to erosion of the seabed and any associated marine sites).

A detailed approach to the identification and safeguarding of cultural heritage assets will therefore be developed for each lagoon in collaboration with relevant consultees, such as Cadw in Wales and Historic England in English waters.  This will include agreement on the scope of survey work such as geophysics required.

The potential impact of a lagoon on the setting of sensitive heritage sites will be considered in conjunction with the seascape, landscape and visual impact assessment.

Tidal Lagoon Cardiff

The Western landfall of the proposed lagoon is located within Cardiff docklands near Butetown and comprises a mixture of commercial and industrial areas. Historically, the rapidly increasing iron and coal trade was the catalyst for the construction of a number of docks during the 1830s. Several other industries associated with the docklands have historically been present including: ironworks, brickyards, timber yards, a water treatment works, copper works, and a railway amongst others.

The heritage assessment will address the potential effects of the Project upon the historic environment and historic assets. This will include both ‘marine’ assets and ‘terrestrial’ assets. Marine historic assets include stratified deposits of archaeological interest and potential, as well as remains on the seabed including shipwrecks and other potential artefacts. Terrestrial historic assets also include stratified deposits of archaeological interest and potential, as well as archaeological remains, designed and historic landscapes and important buildings. Consultation with heritage stakeholders will be an important element of the assessment. Emerging baseline data will be discussed at key stages during the assessment process, including data sets of existing information as well as results of new survey work.

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