Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay – works package 7a notice of commencement of works (Subject to relevant planning approvals)

 Project description

 Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay (TLSB) will be the world’s first purpose built tidal energy lagoon. The generating station will have an installed capacity of 320 megawatts (MW) and will enclose part of Swansea Bay, from the eastern side of the River Tawe to the eastern edge of the new Swansea University Bay-Campus (SUBC). In total the seawall will comprise an approximately 9.5km-long, U-shaped seawall which will encompass approximately 11.5kmof the seabed, foreshore and intertidal area of Swansea Bay.

Please visit the www.tidallagoonpower.com to find out more about Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay.

Works package description

TLSB have instructed Alun Griffiths Contractors to commence works package number 7a and associated supporting work.

The works are to construct a new internal access road comprising 2 carriageways together with a fence in between running in a north-easterly direction from 267048E; 191928N to 269035E; 192887N.

Works commencement date to be during week commencing 22nd of June for the duration of 10 weeks.

Marine elements are not proposed during this package of works.

Complaints and requests for information

Complaints made during the construction of the Project by either an individual or organisation will be treated confidentially and dealt with quickly and thoroughly by TLSB. A request for information or complaint regarding construction activities can be made using the contact details provided below:

Richard Ambrose, Project Manager

Telephone:  07980 732354

Email: info@tidallagoonpower.com

Tidal Power PLC

Date: 18th June 2020



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