A tidal lagoon at Newport would harness the power of the Severn Estuary and provide us with an excellent opportunity to bring forward our ambition to deliver:

  • An energy-generating lagoon, with between 1,400MW and 1,800MW installed capacity and an annual output of between 2TWh and 3TWh – enough to power the equivalent of 500,000 Welsh homes
  • Clean, renewable and entirely predictable power for 120 years
  • A real contribution to the local economy including significant employment and supply chain opportunities
  • Conservation, restocking and biodiversity programmes
  • Improved coastal flood protection in the region

While our proposals are at an early stage, we’re working closely with our environmental and technical experts to develop our thinking and have started conversations with stakeholders and community groups in the Newport area. Since October 2014 we have held 445 meetings with stakeholders and carried out six community group briefings. We have held stalls and exhibited at 16 public and community events, and presented at 13 community council briefings. From the outset our relationships with our stakeholders are very important to us and are essential to our approach to developing lagoons. We engage with stakeholders at all levels from individuals, clubs, organisations, associations and networks through to governing and statutory bodies including regulators. Our engagement focuses on stakeholders who represent a number of different interests relating to our activities, these include:

  • Local residents and communities
  • Industry and local business
  • Skills and training
  • Fishing and mariculture
  • Art, culture and heritage
  • Education and outreach
  • Sport and recreation
  • Environment and conservation
  • Economic development and tourism
  • Local authorities and government
  • Potential supply chain

More information will be available soon but we will endeavour to keep local people, their representatives and the wider public up to date with our proposals.  Please do contact us at info@tidallagoonpower.com if you or a group you represent would like to find out more about our work. We are always interested in finding out about events and projects that we can get involved with near you so please get in touch.

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