8 Jul 2020 | News

Project Update – 8th July 2020

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project has a ‘groundbreaking’ week

Planning secured in perpetuity for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon – the first week in pictures

Photos 1 & 2 – Wall before destruction

Photos 3 & 4 – Wall after destruction

Photos 5 & 6 – Before land clearance on western side

Photo 7 – Land cleared on western side

Photo 8 – Buoy removal

Photos 9 & 10 – SI Trial Pits 1 & 2

Photo 11 – Alun Griffiths Site Team

A picture does paint a thousand words and contractors, Alun Griffiths were on site last week to ensure that a vital infrastructure project, so important to large parts of the UK, was not lost.  Whilst the project began material operations, the onsite team were supported by tremendous local goodwill, with many people stopping and talking to those on site, wishing the project well, and glad to see work was now underway.

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon as a first in class, now has the planning permission in perpetuity and secured the potential for new industry for Wales and the UK.  It has the opportunity to template modern methods of construction from the outset, embedding into the delivery of Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon a manufacturing for assembly approach to infrastructure delivery and creating a thriving new sector where Wales and the UK can lead the world.

Having been informed that enforcements to prevent further work on site would take place on 1st July, Tidal Power Plc responded to Swansea Council to explain the lawful basis upon which the project has begun under the Planning Act 2008, and that the project’s Development Consent Order has now been deemed by virtue of the works undertaken.  Our works continued unhindered thereafter.

The works carried out on-site were limited to a number of key activities, including the removal of a fence, vegetation under ecologist supervision and the re-location of an ornamental buoy.  Demolition activities included the removal of a substantial concrete wall (60m) and its foundations to ground level.  Site investigation was also undertaken with two trial pits completed with samples taken to further assess ground conditions.  The work was successfully completed with COVID 19 working restrictions in place.

Richard Ambrose, Head of Planning for Tidal Power Plc, stated ‘It was fabulous to see site works underway on what has been and will continue to be a truly amazing journey – building the world’s first tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay.  This has been the culmination of effort from hundreds of people, hundreds of thousands of hours worked and millions of pounds invested.  I call that an amazing team effort’.

Richard Bruten, Major Projects Director at Alun Griffiths, said ‘We at Griffiths have provided support and advise to TLSB through the DCO process, and as a Local Welsh Contractor are delighted to play a part in this early construction phase.  We remain committed to the development of this prestigious project and will continue to provide support to TLP’.

With material operations now commenced, Tidal Power Plc, together with Alliance delivery partners, will continue its work to secure the full go ahead for this important shovel ready project.

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