22 Apr 2013 | News

Swansea School Pupils Chosen To Pioneer A Cultural Response To Climate Change

Pupils from schools across Swansea have been selected to help pioneer a cultural response to climate change.

Launched by Tidal Lagoon Power Limited, the development company behind the proposed Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, pupils from St Thomas, The Grange and Tywyen primary schools are working with Cape Farewell, the international arts programme, to raise awareness of climate change and renewable energy.

Established in 2001, the artist David Buckland created Cape Farewell to instigate a cultural and educational response to climate change. Cape Farewell is now an international not-for-profit programme based in the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London and with a North American foundation based at the MaRS centre in Toronto.

Pupils have the opportunity to explore the implications of climate change, different types of energy and energy productions along with the benefits of tidal lagoons. Activities include building models and developing artwork based on renewable energy.

Working internationally, Cape Farewell brings artists, scientists and communicators together to stimulate the production of art and education resources founded in scientific research. By collaborating with artists Cape Farewell hopes to communicate on a human scale the urgency of the global climate challenge.

Andrew Burns a teacher with St. Thomas Community Primary School says:

“Personally I think that the proposed Tidal Lagoon is a fantastic idea and will be a wonderful addition to Swansea. Obviously the sustainable and clean way of producing so much electricity will benefit not only the people of Swansea but reduce pollution globally. The project appears to be very well planned and will not only house the turbines but will provide a tourist attraction and provide new job opportunities within Swansea. The mix of leisure facilities, art, education, and pollution free transport around the facility makes it appealing and accessible for all.”

“The children of St. Thomas Community Primary School have really enjoyed being involved in the initial planning stages and have had the opportunity to develop their understanding of sustainability and global citizenship. They have discussed and debated the proposal, produced questionnaires for the local community and analysed their responses, resulting in some fantastic numeracy work. They have created art sculptures, explored the different ways of producing pollution free electricity and written reports on their findings. The children have been engaged and challenged by the topic and we look forward to any future links with the tidal lagoon project.”

Tessa Blazey, Head of Community Engagement and Education for Tidal Lagoon Power says:

“The Swansea project will hopefully be the first in a network of lagoons around the UK coastline, driving a critical change in our energy mix with low cost, low carbon electricity sources that are sustainable long-term.”

“The way that we live our lives has caused the climate to change and the solution to a potentially devastating reality has become a cultural challenge. Cape Farewell asks the best of our creative minds to respond to this challenge and to build a vision for a sustainable future.”

“That’s why we have chosen Cape Farewell as our education partners. We have created an education programme and resource for the schools and colleges of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot that helps young people develop their skills and knowledge to make their own choices for the future and the environment.”

Founder of Cape Farewell, David Buckland adds:

“Climate change is a reality. Caused by us all, it is a cultural, social and economic problem and must move beyond scientific debate. Cape Farewell is committed to the notion that artists can engage the public in this issue, through creative insight and vision.”

For further information about Cape Farewell programme visit www.capefarewell.com

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