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Tidal Lagoon Plc’s business is the development, construction and operation of tidal lagoons. Success is the achievement of planning consent, the achievement of financial close and the commencement of operation.  The company is privately funded. To date it has been funded by Mark Shorrock, Shire Oak Energy Ltd, David & Heather Stevens, SIMEC, High Net Worth Individuals and re-investing Tidal Lagoon (Swansea Bay) Plc (TLSB) investors.


Current share offer

We have now launched an investment round for the future fleet of lagoons.

As with all development projects, there are many risks associated with achieving development consent and the construction of a major energy plant. We are confident our team can address all the risks the Company need to overcome. However, you should be aware that as an investor you will be joining us in taking these risks although through your financial support you will be strengthening the tidal lagoon projects and helping to ensure they become a reality.

Given the risks involved, regulatory restrictions apply and the share offer is only open to eligible High Net Worth Individuals or Sophisticated Investors. Unfortunately, the offer is not eligible for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) relief. EIS was withdrawn from companies eligible for a government subsidy (i.e. the Contract for Difference, CfD) for the generation of energy from renewable sources for shares issued after 6 April 2015.


Corporate calendar

Our financial year end is 31 December and our Annual General Meeting for shareholders takes place in June.


Annual General Meeting

Held each year, this meeting provides shareholders with the opportunity to meet with the Board of the Company and to pose any questions which they might have directly to the Company’s management. At this meeting, the Company presents its accounts and reports to shareholders for approval and seeks members’ permission to appoint the Company’s auditors and the fixing of their remuneration. From time to time, the Company may also seek shareholders’ approval for other matters.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and would like to send shareholders future Notices via electronic means. If you agree, please click here and register for Shareview, the online shareholder portal provided by our Share Registrar, Equiniti David Venus Limited, trading as SLC Registrars. Once registered, you will be able to view and confirm your holding and holdings in any other companies for which Equiniti are Registrar, and, through the click of a button, register for all future TL Plc communications to be provided by electronic means.


Investor newsletters

Regular updates are provided by email to all registered shareholders.

We seek to actively engage with our shareholders and provide regular updates on the project. If you have a query please contact the Investor Relations team, via or telephone: 01452 303892.


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