5th Annual: Major Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Planning in Wales 2016

5th Annual: Major Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Planning in Wales 2016

A practical guide on how to successfully gain planning consent for new projects following changes to planning policy and processes in Wales.

An in-depth update on planning processes and changing planning policies in Wales following the Planning (Wales) Act 2015. Anyone can attend to discuss the planning process for developments of national significance (DNS) in Wales, hear the latest views from developers on how to apply for a DNS and learn more about what it means for new renewable energy schemes. Attendees will benefit from the expertise of people currently working on schemes in Wales and hear case studies that will consider how the lessons learned from these NSIP projects can be used when making an application for a DNS. You’ll be able to discuss opportunities and challenges for major infrastructure and renewable energy projects in Wales, DNS and NSIP applications (from pre-application to examination), and explore the changes that further devolution of powers will bring in Wales.

Alex Herbert (Head of Consents at Tidal Lagoon Power) is participating in a panel debate: How can new renewable energy projects in Wales be delivered successfully?

  • Practical implications for applicants: challenges of planning for new development in Wales, timing and costs
  • Issues related to the consenting process under section 150 of the 2008 Planning Act
  • What are the potential issues of the pre-application consultation requirements for DNS?
  • Role played by statutory consultees in the development of planning applications
  • What is the capacity of  currently available grid to accommodate new energy generation projects in Wales?
  • What will the impact of changing energy tariffs mean for the delivery of energy projects in Wales?

Full information is available here.

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