If a project is likely to affect water bodies designated under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) (Directive 2000/60/EC), a WFD compliance report must also be provided to support the DCO application. The WFD compliance report must identify water bodies that may be affected and contain sufficient information to enable decision makers to assess the potential effects of the project on the status of WFD water bodies in accordance with the WFD.

In order to assess whether our projects are compliant with the objectives set out in the WFD, the following steps are taken:

Stage 1

Defining the Study Area
Define based on the location of key components of the Project, the distance of water bodies from the Project and the hydrological connectivity of water bodies to the Project (discounting those water bodies not considered to be relevant using the theoretical likelihood of the Project interacting with WFD status or potential).

Stage 2

Collecting Baseline Data
Collect data on the screened-in water bodies, their current WFD status and potential, their specific objectives, monitoring undertaken and any mitigation measures or failures undertaken to date.

Stage 3

Define the relationship of the Project’s components with the included water bodies (i.e. screening out components not considered to be relevant so that the possibility of effect and the consequences can be identified).

Stage 4

Preliminary Assessment
Assess the remaining screened in components of the Project against the WFD elements (biological, chemical and hydromorphological element that make up the overall WFD status) of the screened in water bodies. This is to identify whether any components could have an impact on the status or potential of the water bodies and whether a detailed assessment is required. Other developments that could potentially have a cumulative impact with the Project will be considered in this section.

Stage 5

Undertake a detailed assessment based on the findings of the preliminary assessment in respect of any components of the Project identified as likely to have an impact upon the WFD quality elements and status class. This assessment will also consider any conflicts between the Project and relevant River Basin Management Plan mitigation measures, and any cumulative impacts of the development.

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