The assessment of seascape and landscape focuses on the potential visual impacts of a project. The effects of development on views both onshore and offshore must be taken into consideration, particularly if the proposed development is within close proximity to a designated area e.g. an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Landscape of Special Historic Interest.

Potential impacts considered include: alteration of seascape/landscape character, a change in views and effects on tranquillity.

Viewpoint analysis can be undertaken where the views from set locations around a project are analysed. This is informed by site surveys and photography, and supported by photomontages (computer rendered images of the project superimposed onto existing photographs and representing the likely appearance of the Project).

Tidal Lagoon Cardiff

Tidal Lagoon Cardiff falls within Seascape Unit 49 (Lavernock Point to Gold Cliff) of the Seascape Assessment of Wales, which has a relatively linear, reclaimed coastline, with sea defences. The land interface is principally with a landscape defined by the Wentloog Levels (identified as LANDMAP Visual and Sensory Aspect Areas), which fall within the wider Gwent Levels Рan area of agricultural land reclaimed from the sea, together with low-lying estuarine alluvial wetland and intertidal mudflats. The area is also influenced by the urban area/respective hinterlands of Cardiff and Newport. Viewpoint photography is planned in order to feed into the Seascape and Landscape EIA.

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