Welcome to Tidal Lagoon Power.

When I started work on tidal lagoons back in 2011, it was with the vision that we needed to create large-scale, zero carbon power stations that would work in harmony with nature and would provide a new industrial initiative for our country. I knew I wanted to create a company that did things differently.

We believe the blueprint for our consented Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon can be repeated around Great Britain’s shores and can be exported to other countries with significant tidal ranges.  We are confident that through working with nature to harness the tides and providing mariculture, sporting, leisure and education amenities for our generation and generations to come, we are developing a sensible way to bestow our country with homegrown, reliable, safe power stations that do not cost the earth.

In the meantime, we are intent on tidal lagoons becoming a cornerstone industrial strategy for our country – manufacturing our turbines, our generators and our turbine housings here in the United Kingdom. The time to change our approach to infrastructure development is now. Who’s with us?

Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in working with the team.

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Mark Shorrock
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